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When you think of a Kebab shop, what springs to mind? A dodgy, little set-up with its own distinct smell, visited after a night out? Not anymore! Le Bab has created the first fancy Kebab in London and uses locally sourced, good quality ingredients to do so. The Kebab has been instilled in British culture and now has a £2bn a year economy and so when I found out about the Gourmet Kebab it wasn't much of a surprise. Two young chefs who have interned at Michelin starred restaurants (including the famous Le Gavroche), have created this little gem which opened late last year in the Kingly Court location in Carnaby Street.

Rit had a craving for a Kebab over the weekend and I mentioned we could visit this quirky restaurant on a Wednesday evening. The place was surprisingly busy with a few waiting outside by the time we left. The restaurant is well designed with an open kitchen and the waiters are very friendly. The menu is small and quite expensive (considering the competitors), but offers up a round of delicious options. We chose the 15-hour free range Pork Shawarma and the Herdwick Lamb Adana with a side of Fondue Fries (Cheesy Chips).
I was tempted by the Paneer after glowing recommendations but I leaned towards to the meatier options. The Lamb was well spiced and the flatbread added an eastern flavour (though next time I would ask for the date chutney on the side as I found it a little sweet). The Pork was the dish that was the highlight of the meal.  It was juicy, full of taste and the crunchy crackling added a great texture. The Chilli and Toum sauces that accompanied the dish were also delicious, enhancing the flavour of the wraps. The chips on the side were very good (albeit a little salty) and with the cheesy sauce on the side it added to the all-around great meal.

Do I feel guilty after eating this Kebab? No. Do I feel out of pocket? Yes! However, the locally sourced ingredients, the free range meat and the Michelin training that goes behind the delicious dishes means this price tag can be excused. I will have to plan my next visit soon to try the recommended Paneer Wrap.

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